A Quick guide to create best Content Strategy for your brand:

A Quick guide to create best Content Strategy for your brand:
A Quick guide to create best Content Strategy for your brand:

This is a digital age, and not that the old methods of word of mouth or tangible market presence have become obsolete, but customers desire the best for themselves in the most convenient and refined way. We have moved ahead from time when customers roamed around the market for hours listening to pushy shopkeepers trying to convince them to buy their products. But one thing still hasn’t changed. Customers are still read; they have their eyes open to the arrival of any new products waiting to be convinced as to why they should buy it. 

This is where the concept of Content Strategy comes. It’s not just about handing out pamphlets to potential buyers but it is about catching them in the perfect time of their need. 

This post is to teach you all that you need to know and do to ensure the conversion of these potential buyers into regular consumers.

  1. Set the vision and work on the mission:

Decide what you wish to do with this content. What is the aim? You have to make sure that the content aligns with your vision of where you wish your company and product to be in future. All the work should be done with a conscious choice and with the knowledge that content is also a major reflection of the company’s image in the market.

  • What is the ‘Bull’s eye’?

Marking your territory is not a trick only for the animal kingdom! You need to know your market too. Often marketers make the mistake of trying to reach everywhere or they segregate their desired audience so much that they fail to see other areas for lead generation. A perfect research is necessary before publishing the content. Change the tone of the content based on the demographic. Know the sources where your customer gets in touch with on a regular basis. What is it exactly that the customer is looking for? What type of content they absorb? Know the entire demographics. Does your customer revisit or retrace the websites they’d been on?  

You need to make the customer realize what value your product will be adding to their life.

  • Know your competition:

Like said before, the customer needs to know the value you are adding to them. What is that you are able to provide that your competition cannot? Market is filled with substitute products and content, hence yours needs to stand out. For example: there are multiple detergents in the market but what makes Tide the most bought one in India? Is it their promise of ‘perfect white in less consumption’? Or is it because it is cheaper compared to a lot of high-end detergents? Or is it their claim of using ‘no harsh chemicals’? Basically, you need to know everything about your competitions’ content, their approach and their sources of winning maximum attention. Find their loopholes and use it to your advantage.  

  • Create the ‘Marketing funnel’:

Merely publishing content regularly is not enough even if it creates a buzz.  Before buying any product or service, customers research about it. They read reviews, current consumers’ experience, post queries and observe the quality of responses to those queries. And so, the marketers need to opt for different sources to reach to the customers to make an impact. But this can be done more efficiently by segregating content into a Marketing Funnel. The top level is all about creating awareness about your product. It is the most basic advertisement of your product to the customer.

After this comes the stage of Consideration. It is an important stage because now you have the customers’ attention and you need to make sure you win their trust. It is also the stage where the customer is putting your product on par with its substitutes in the market. Marketers can send these prospect customers more information about the company, its products and offers with automated emails, campaigns and eBrochures. Then comes the stage of Decision where you have earned customers’ trust. To be sure of their decision, they are looking for the final green ticks to get convinced. This is done in the final stage of Nurture with the help of regular emails, giving them offers, early customers’ privileges, addressed brochures, telephonic calls and more. Relevance of content at each stage of the funnel increases chances of conversion.

  • Retrace your content:

One of the mistakes that marketers make is that they keep putting out content without making follow-ups. It can be hampering if the company is paying for this service. It is important to go back to content and check what impact it has created. A lot of times customers revert back based on this content and if that is missed, the company loses a ready converted market. These audits can rectify old mistakes creating a new map for the products to reach the customers. Quantifying them with maps and graphs would be an excellent way to know what exactly was right or wrong with the content after it went into the market.

  • Strategize you Distribution:

Everyday tons of content get’s published and gets lost before they can reach their targeted audience. It is important to know the platforms from where the content can succeed in its agenda to avoid wastage of money and energy. Writing good, refined and gripping content is not enough. A proper planning and analysis of the audience and market must be done. Know the mediums in which your content needs to circulate so that it can reach where it can generate an outcome and drive traffic towards your product.

  • Calendar your content:

Consistency is the key. You cannot expect to get great outcomes by showing up in the market every once in a while. Your presence needs to be constantly observed. Mark your calendars for regularly publishing content. Manage it in a way that it doesn’t overwhelm the customer. Brainstorm new ideas on the basis of audits of past content to know any shifts in the market and make the best of it.

Importantly, be genuine and transparent about the content of your product. The quality of your offerings will always become the base of your company’s reputation. If you are looking for professional help with content strategy for your brand, Content Kafe can help you create a strategy that will hit the bull’s eye.