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Video Script Writing

Scripts that become the voice of your brand

YouTube is world’s second most popular search engine. This explains snowballing popularity of video communication and why video marketing has become integral part of digital marketing strategy. Be it on your website, landing page, social media platforms, apps, or in your presentations, videos are the most effective tool to convey your message. Content Kafe provides creative script writing services for all your video needs including corporate video, social media video, product or service video, project video, explainer video and introductory video. Today, major chunk of netizens watch videos on social media platforms on mute. If your video is heavy on speech, message may get lost. To address such scenarios, we also provide video script writing services for silent videos with or without subtitles.

Viewers are quick to form judgement. If they are not engaged within first few seconds they will simply hit the close or mute button. Hence every frame matters, especially first few frames of a video are critical in building interest. Whether you are looking for corporate video script writing or social media video script writing, we can write compelling scripts that command attention and sustain interest while drilling the intended message into the subconscious of target audience. We can write script for videos that can arouse a range of emotions from shock to amusement, excitement, joy, humour, pride, admiration, inspiration, appreciation, and craving. Depending upon your requirement, we can come up with concept and communication of the video which delivers the message striking at the right chords

  • Video scripts that bring alive your ideas with powerful concept and persuasive message
  • Crisp and precise writing including strategic words with attention to creative and technical details
  • Customized and quality script writing as per type of video and requirement of client