Studio 52

Studio 52 is a multinational conglomerate with businesses across media production and technology. The group has experience and expertise to provide versatile solutions under one roof including video, audio, safety, timelapse, animation, 360° walkthrough, photography, technology, film permits, digital marketing and drone shoot. Based in Dubai, the group has operations across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and India. We are working as communication partner for Studio 52. We have helped Studio 52 create positioning that of not just any media production company, but strategic media and communication partner. Our spectrum of services to the company cover wide gamut of content solutions including Emailers, E-brochures, Brochures, Presentations, Web Content, Standees, Ambience Communication, Blogs, Flyers, Video Scripts and Tele Scripts.

Projecting Studio 52 as Powerhouse of Media Production & Technology

When we started working for Studio 52, their dilemma was that clients perceived Studio 52 as experts in specific domains like video, audio, or safety. Our first objective was to do image makeover of the brand. We worked on creating brand positioning of Studio 52 as single window strategic media and communication partner. We established that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While this helped in evolving new identity of the brand, it also added value to the brand image.

  • Client Studio 52
  • Industry Media Production & Technology
  • Project 360 Degree Brand Communication & Content
Messages That Drive the Business Growth

From convincing clients about effective safety video communication to selling explosion proof camera, the content required versatility in terms of industry know-how, technical understanding and skills of persuasion. Each content solution had a different objective and required different kind of expertise. Such as blogs required educating audience while balancing Search Engine Optimization, emailers were more focused on creating conversion and so on. We achieved this with result-oriented campaigns driven by objective, creative and meaningful communication.