Supernova Engineers

Supernova Engineers Ltd. is India’s one of the leading companies in providing captive power solutions. Supernova manufactures high tech diesel electric gensets that cater to a broad spectrum of industries like health care, data centres, space research organizations, thermal and hydro power stations, telecom and hospitality chains. Supernova’s premium genset range is powered by the likes of Volvo Penta and Perkins. Both these companies are world leaders in diesel engine manufacturing. We were approached by the client to create an ad campaign for Supernova. The campaign was to be published in Economic Times all India edition. Even though Supernova was a familiar name among its target audience, they just knew the brand for its product performance. So the campaign was a part of their brand image building exercise. Their objective was to show their legacy of serving the industry for over 3 decades and create a brand image which communicated that Supernova is about more than just its products. That they are solutions provider and partner in business growth. Along with that, they also wanted to communicate that they have a range of DG Sets powered by world leading diesel engines.

Campaign where solution is the hero

Captive power solution is a typical B2B industry. So, traditionally, all marketing and branding communication of Supernova hovered around products and its features. We decided to break this mold by making solution the hero. We built the conversation around the ultimate objective which Supernova helped business to achieve with its solutions. And that they are doing this for over 3 decades, which makes a strong pitch for their expertise. Products and its features were added in the communication as a testimony to this fact.

  • Client Supernova Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Industry Captive Power Solutions
  • Project Brand Image Building Campaign
Building brand image that of a leader’s choice

As captive power generation is capital investment, the buying decision makers are the top brass of the management. To make our campaign relatable to this audience we portrayed characters in the campaign, both visually and in the copy, that spoke volumes about being someone in the authority. This led to drawing a parallel that Supernova is fuelled by same degree of passion as the entrepreneurs to deliver uninterrupted power supply, which is what makes Supernova India’s trusted brand for DG Sets.