VK Jewels

VK Jewels is India’s one of the largest manufacturers of lightweight gold casting jewellery with 25 years of industry experience under its belt. VK Jewels primarily manufactures plain, CZ studded and Swarovski Zirconia studded gold casting jewellery. Elanzaa and Finestee are flagship brands of VK Jewels offering premium lightweight work wear jewellery. Its jewellery is trusted around the world and exported across India, UAE – Dubai & Sharjah, US, UK, Singapore and Malaysia. We had been mandated with building and expanding presence of VK Jewels and its flagship brands on Facebook & Instagram. The company did not have any social media presence and we worked from the scratch right from creating its social handles to building a brand community.

Social media content that put VK Jewels into spotlight

As VK Jewels is a B2B jewellery brand, it was challenging to create content that balanced both aesthetics and information. In a span of 1.5 years we helped the brand strengthen its brand positioning, create awareness, increase visibility and establish brand recall through various social media campaigns. In this short span we have managed to amass 8.2K plus followers and 7.8K plus page likes. We also helped the brand to acquire new business and establish new connections through Facebook Messenger marketing.

  • Client VK JEWELS PVT. LTD.
  • Industry B2B JEWELLERY
Fostering brand personality through meaningful communication

Our content helped the brand raise its voice over the din of clutter and create a distinct personality. We created content on vast array of facets of the brand right from its creativity and craftsmanship to its elegance and style.