Zion is a premium unisex spa & salon chain based in Ahmedabad. Zion offers full spectrum of salon, grooming, makeup and spa services with exquisite treatment and high quality products. Equipped with professional and trained staff, Zion indulges customers with pampering and perfection. We were approached by the client to name their upcoming spa & salon. As the brand was unisex they didn’t want a word which could be associated with a specific gender. The brief was to come up with a name that could reflect their attitude and commitment towards offering superior customer service and application of finest products. They wanted a name that is easy to remember and could distinguish them from other competing brands.

Name That Reflected Vision of the Brand

We studied names of other brands in spa and salon business, not only based in Ahmedabad, but from across India and foreign brands too. Insights that piled up laid the bricks for the name Zion. Among all other names, Zion stood out. Meaning of the name Zion is ‘Feel like god’ which underpinned the client’s superior service and pampering. Zion also provided an insight into the brand’s promise to the customer; making customers feel awesome about their personality.

  • Client Zion Spa & Salon
  • Industry Beauty, Grooming & Wellness
  • Project Name Generation
Name That Worked Like Charm

Client liked the Zion name in the first go. It was the sum of everything they wanted their brand name to spell. Further, the name scored a perfect ten on every other aspects too; it was unique, easy to speak, easy to remember and gender-neutral. Today, Zion has struck a chord with people keen on elevating their looks game.